Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Its championship saturday night. Everyone from the warm up paddock to the back pens to the dressing rooms, all had one thing on they're minds.......... A last go round win in front of a capacity crowd. Robert Ball put up his forth score of the week but the win still eluded him. Stephanie Layzac and the lil mighty Russell Roo ran a flawless run to split 3 & 4th spots I believe it was they're fastest run of the week? Morgan Bos tipped can three taking her out of the money. Miles Hughston covered his last horse for the week. Cory Hopkins trying to go out with a redemption win, over shot his steer as it ducked under the hazer's horse The Jr. steer rider Lane Morris succumbed to a previous round riding hand injury and bucked off as well as Scotty, who drew deep again! The round saw BJ Moen win the championship buckle, saddle,and all. Bill Thom rode his first bull into the ground but could not keep up with his re-ride bull.

Round 4 brought the rank pen and it was raining cowboys. It was said Robert Ball's bareback horse has been to the NFR 5 times. Steff put up a clean run but again finished just out of the money, Morgan tipped one can . Cory Hopkins had tough luck and drew the one steer not to have!! both the Jr boys came down but have won the crowd with their one handed style, RAM Tour Finals invitee BJ Moen put up yet another score to claim the round. Bill Thom drew the bull tree shaker noted as the one no one wanted to get, and almost closed the deal at just over 7 sec

Round 3 is now in the books. Robert Ball got another one, rode but missed his mark out. Miles took a re ride and bucked off. Lane and Scotty both came down off their Jr steers which were snotty lil' buggers. This time around I've added a few other rides as well this time including round winner JB Moen. Our super star Cory Hopkins has everyone paying attention now but missed his steer. Steff is getting faster each go but was still just out of the cash line, Morgan Bos jumped to second place in the go. I've included a few bulls for everyone to see the caliber the cowboys are dealing with, Bill Thom walked away from a mauling fairly unscathed others weren't so lucky. The Latchman cam glasses suffered a fall and so quality is poor due to impact but new pair are on order. So I will do my best to deliver the best footage I can. Stay tuned for the forth go where they bring out the rank pen of bulls.

The Ontario crew is now finding their stride with round two now in the books . 2nd round action saw both bronc riders Robert Ball an Miles Hughston drawing weak and scoring out of the money, Steff and Russell ran a clean barrel pattern but ended up just out side the money as well. Jr barrels Moragan Bos landed in forth place and getting the last spot at the pay window. Cory Hopkins first out put up the winning time right up to the last steer wrestler who bumped him to second place. Jr bulls saw Lane Morris win the crowd and the round. The megadome cowboy Bill Thom drew another good bull and was brought down early.

Round one of the 2011 Regina CCA Finals highlighting the Ontario crew.

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