Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The Latchman

My name is Alex VanEvery and I am from Six Nations Ontario Canada. I have hung my hat all over the U.S.A. and Canada but it was in 1994 that I was first introduced to bull riding thru some of my co-workers in Brown Wood Texas. It wasn't until the following year I actually got on my first competition bull at the Milverton rodeo in Ontario Canada. Ever since this time I have been hooked on the sport.

I was fortunate enough to fall in with the provinces elite riders of the day. Through out my riding career I was at one point or another able to be around and travel with just about every Ontario Bull Riding Champion that has been crowned right up until the day I decided to stop entering bull ridings in 2008 at the age of 37.

Over the years I have made many connections in the sport of rodeo that has afforded me many opportunities to rub shoulders with some of the best bull riders in the world. This has resulted in being able to obtain priceless information and insight to the sport I love so much. I happily pass this knowledge on to many up and comers who have the passion and drive to better themselves. One example of this is being one of the teachers in the build a cowboy program which has been set up and designed to help new hopefuls to the sport.


After deciding I would no longer enter bull ridings I was approached by R.M.G. (Rodeo Management Group) aka The Ram Rodeo Tour for a position with the rodeo production crew. More specifically my job is working the latch with my long time friend and arena director Randy Hartogg. With some of the new young stock we were trying to develop gate styles for certain problematic bulls or broncs. I decided that recording and using the footage from the latchman's perspective gave great angles to study from an remedy problems. This helped in guaranteeing each animal got the best chance at a clean out and giving the cowboy a fair shot at the prize money.

After a while riders were lining up at my camper to view they're video clips or to show family and friends. At most rodeos there really isn't a bad seat to see the action, but none are as up close and personal as my view from the latch. At times I’m a little closer to the action than suits my personal comfort level and it is this experience that I would like to share with everyone. My little rough stock latchmen clips by popular demand have morphed into weekly highlight reels for fans and riders alike.

So enjoy, and ill see you on tour!
Alex VanEvery

Leaders in Equestrian-Horse, Events and Media

RMG was built 15 years ago based on the strengths of Ross Millar's vast experience in Sporting Goods retail, distribution and manufacturing. Ross’ ownership position at all 3 levels assured a strong understanding of all partners requirements in a promotional and marketing event.The retail ownership and experience which included many acclamations and honours within the industry nationally, assured the understanding of marketing promotions to the end user and those enjoying the product. This coupled with the experience of International distribution and factory ownership assured corporate partners of an understanding and appreciation towards delivering their goals, working in a budgetary responsible manner.

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